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Frequently asked questions о Life Sciences

What are Life Sciences?

Life Sciencesrepresent a hope-inspiring and cutting-edge realm of science, including such fields of study as biotechnologies, genomics, proteomics, healthcare and academic research, which is capable of transforming new information into scientific discoveries and new methods for treating various diseases.

Life Sciences, in essence, are the science of life, encompassing many fields of medicine, pharmaceutics, biotechnology and genetics, among others.

Where are Life Sciences used?
Life Sciences are applied in situations which concern human life and health, beginning from what we eat and drink every day and the air we breathe and ending with the treatment of serious diseases. Wherever there is modern man, there are Life Sciences.
Are Life Sciences new?
Life Sciences are as old as the world itself. The names of the first pharmacists – Avicenna and Hippocrates – have been passed down to us over the millennia. As long as humankind has existed there has been a need to treat illnesses, to create comfortable living conditions, to provide food and water, etc. Contemporary Life Sciences involved high-tech production based on the very latest scientific and technological breakthroughs.
Are Life Sciences safe?
Life Sciences were created and today serve exclusively for the benefit and safety of humankind, to preserve human health, youth and beauty.